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Black Pepper Product

What is black pepper

Black pepper is the unripe fruit from the pepper wine. Which is green in color. It is cooked and dried to give it a black, shriveled crust. On the contrary, white pepper is the ripe fruit of the pepper wine which is dark red in color when in the wine. It is soaked in water for nearly 15 days, after which its skin begins to fall off. Once the skin falls off. The white seed inside the pepper fruit is what is dried and used as white pepper whole or powder. When it comes to flavor. Both black and white pepper have a kick in their taste. They offer a tangy and spicy flavor when added to the preparations.

Pepper ProductHowever, black in pepper is spicier and has a citrusy taste with an earthy flavor. On the other hand, white pepper is sharp in its taste and has a pungent aroma. Since both come from the same plant. Black and white peppers tend to have similar benefits and qualities with only slight differences in aroma and flavor. They are rich in Vitamins K, A, and C and are also a good source of dietary fiber. At the same time, they contain less sugar and zero cholesterol.

Why I should use black pepper

The presence of flavonoids and vitamins in black pepper is responsible for its anti-oxidant properties. This makes black pepper a potential fighter against the organisms that might enter the body and harm the cells in it. Since black is pepper is helpful in boosting the metabolism of the body and assists the digestion process. It has been found to be beneficial in blood sugar control. A mixture of black pepper with fenugreek seeds powder and turmeric. When consumed with a glass of milk each day, can help in bringing down the sugar levels. It is helpful for most of the diabetics.

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