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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile – Sukses Jaya Makmur was founded by Mr.Alfred Oemar in 2002, the company take place in one of the big city in Indonesia, Padang West Sumatra.  Since 15 years ago our company has successfully selling lots of different variety spices across country in the world.  In Indonesia grow lots variety of spices. from west to east coast, spices grow healthy here and because we have lots of active volcano make the soil event more great palace for spices that can make their taste and flavor event more stronger.

To expand our market area we starting export our spices to another country like Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia China, South Korea, India, Japan, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Iran, Armenia, Mauritius, Nepal, Germany and Etc.



Ar Hakim no 45 ABC Padang 25212

West Sumatra




Export of Indonesia Spices and Forest Product


45 persons

Mandiri, BNI, West Sumatra Indonesia

Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia, China, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Hungary, India, Singapore, Thaailand, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, Iran, Armenia, Mauritius, Nepal, Poland, Germany, Nigeria, Venezuela, Taiwan