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Gambier Product

What is gambier

Gambier is an extract derived from the leaves of gambier tree, a climbing shrub native to tropical Southeast Asia. Gambier is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia where it was an important trade item into the late nineteenth century. It can be used as a tanning agent, a brown dye, a food additive and as herbal medicine.

Some people in java and Sumatra used gambier as a medicine and as a chewed to clean their mouth and to prevent stinky breath. Elder in java chewed them with betel and belief that it can make their teeth’s stronger. Local Chinese also began to use gambier to tan hides. Chinese first got involved in gambier production at Riau, using coolie labor and growing black pepper as a supplemental crop. Bugis merchants traded the gambier for rice from Java and Siam, helping the Bugis to become an important regional power in the late eighteenth century.

Gambier Product

To make gambier, the leaves are first boiled in water. They absorb it and turn brownish in color. The leaves are then pressed mechanically to squeeze and extract liquid. This liquid is then dried into a semi-solid paste and molded into cubes, which are dried in the sun.

Why I should use gambier extract

Gambier leaves contain a chemical substance called catechins. Catechins are one source of natural antioxidant benefits that can attack the affected system free radicals. These compounds are also believed to be a natural component to attack different types of diseases. Some countries believe this treatment is like India and Pakistan.

Also gambier can prevent some diseases in our mouth like mouth sores, dry mouth, and gums injuries apparently can also be cured with Gambier. Gambier history to address these complaints can not be separated from their parents chewing habit in antiquity. Different types of material compounds found in Gambier able to handle every complaint mouth. The trick premises only chew or paste collision Gambier on injured part.

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