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Gum Damar Product

What is gum dammar

Dammar Resin, obtained from the exudation of Dammar trees, mainly consists of polysaccharides. Resins are any of numerous clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substances of plant origin used mainly in lacquers, varnishes, inks, adhesives, synthetic plastics, and pharmaceuticals. Crude Dammar Resin is in form of white to yellow or brown irregular shaped powders, flakes or lumps while purified resin are white to light yellow powder, flakes or lumps.

Gum Damar Product

Dammar is used in foods, as a clouding or glazing agent, and in incense, varnish and other products. Dammar varnish, made from dammar gum mixed with turpentine, was introduced as a picture varnish in 1826, commonly used in oil painting, both during the painting process and after the painting is finished. Dammar crystals are also dissolved in molten paraffin wax to make batik, to prevent the wax from cracking when it is drawn onto silk or rayon. Dammar crystals are dissolved into beeswax with pigment added to harden it to make encaustic paints. Dammar resins were often used in the past to caulk ships, frequently together with pitch or bitumen.

Why I should use gum dammar

A light, white resin with a milky finish, which emits a light lemony scent when burnt, the word ‘Dammar’ means light and is a reference to the light fracturing quality of this resin. It also describes its ethereal nature. It is used to dispel the demons of depression and bring light to the depth of the soul. In Indonesia it is used for healing and protection and to get in touch with the light beings. Since people first came together to honor the Gods and spirits of nature they used gums, resins and fragrant herbs to bring them closer to the divine beings and to give fragrant wings to their prayers. Every culture has their own sacred herbs that are particular to its region, yet, precious incense herbs and gums have also always been traded far beyond their country of origin.

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