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Malva Nut Product

What is malva nut

According to Chinese medicine, the use of “sterculia lychnophora,” or “Pang Da Hai” is to remove heat from the lung, to cure sore throat, to counteract toxicity, and to moisten the bowels. Malva Nut is also known as “Taiwanese Sweet Gum”. It is native to South East Asia. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and India are the main Malva Nut producing countries.

malva nut product

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it has two major healing properties. On the one hand, it can relax the bowels, especially constipation caused by internal fire, on the other hand, it cools and disperses lung qi. Because of that, firstly it can be used for the treatment of acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis induced by wind-heat attacking the lung. In this case, 3 to 5 nuts soaking and making tea is highly recommended. Secondarily, it relieves sore throat after flu shot or wind-heat cold induced fever, scratchy sore throat, dry cough without phlegm, voice loss, and mild or extremely swollen sore throat, and so on.


Why I should use malva nut

Malva nut is extremely beneficial  for cooling down the body and it is a recommended herbs to be consume during summer, as it contains chemotherapeutic properties, malva nut can also be used for the treatment and for prevention cancers. In modern times, malva nut has become a food for diet conscious as it will keep your stomach full for quite long period. Moreover, it is very low calorie and rich with fiber. Some country in south east Asia, they put malva nut in some beauty product.

Malva nuts are rich in antioxidants especially in flavonoids, quercentin and anti-mutagenic especially in phenolic and gallic acid. Apart from that it also rich in soluble fiber, calcium  , iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 and iodine. The bassorin contained in malva nut can also reduce the mucosal inflammation and relieve spastic pain. The water extract of malva nut which acts as a mild laxative, help your digestion.

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