Pu-erh Tea Sukses Jaya Makmur

What Is Pu-erh Tea?

pu-erh tea

Storing Pu-Erh Tea


Both green and black varieties of Pu-Erh tea can be stored for long periods of time. In fact the longer the storage, the better the tea gets. We recommend storage in unglazed clay containers, either for long term holding or for drinking, since they “breathe” and reduce temperature fluctuations. The best clay containers are made from the same Yixing clay as the famous Yixing teapots. If these are not available, a sealed cardboard box can suffice or even a paper bag. But make sure these have no chemical odours from manufacturing.

The best location for storage is a cool, dry place. Away from temperature fluctuations and odours, such as those from the kitchen. As tea absorbs odours and this will affect the flavor of the tea.

For tea that is to be stored long term, simply leave it in the original paper wrapping or packaging. For tea that is to be consumed, break the tea into small pieces using a strong dull knife. Since more of the surface of the tea is now exposed to air. Oxidation will develop the complexity of tea more rapidly. This is called “waking up the tea”. If you do not intend to drink a tea before 5 years, it is best to leave it stored and unbroken.

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